Two Faced Life!!!

It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.  – Anonymous


In last five odd years, while living in four different cities, with totally different culture and lifestyle, I have come across some amazing and flamboyant reality checks of life. One of them is the fact that, there isn’t anything called a bad incident or good incident, it’s either a good experience or learning (yea I know I sound too philosophical here, but isn’t that true!!?). Another very quintessential yet tricky fact of life is that everything has a positive as well as a negative side attached to it. It’s like us humans, who aren’t perfect, who have a good and a flaw within.

It’s like an atom, comprising of positive ions and negative ions (will explain this analogy later in this blog). Consider a situation that seems too exciting to accomplish, but is there a surety of it being remaining or ending in the way we are expecting it to? I guess this is where the cliché came from, “whatever happens, it happens for good”!!! or was it “all is well that ends well”?? (Confusing)…. but if the latter is true, then the former cliché doesn’t actually comply, because if something doesn’t ends well (let say) then it’s not well (or good), then how come WHATEVER happens, happens for GOOD!!??

This is what the tricky side of life’s reality is. Our universe itself is made up of mixture of gases and thus the living creatures, consequently the events happening around them, too, are mixture of positives and negatives. A bad event in life can shatter a person to the core for a very long time, but it’s not for infinity. One has the power to overcome all odds and rejuvenate. It’s just the matter of time and will to overpower the dark shadows of life. Similarly, a good time, unfortunately, never stays forever. That’s life, one has to face the goods and the bads…. and at times…. the Ugly as well!!!


Let me take a very strong and relatively familiar example to make my point more clear. Most of the bachelors and spinsters (pardon if someone got offended) spend this period of singlehood staying with friends by renting a place, eventually, making it their own adda(hub) cum paradise. Its one of the most thrilling and jubilant days of one’s bachelor life, to stay with friends… doing all the crazy stuffs possible… no restrictions… not giving a damn about what others have to say. But along comes a down wave as well, at some point or the other, later or sooner…. after a year or 5… But that comes. Things no more remain the same, thrilling, extravagant, happy go lucky sorts. At times, that wave is so strong and deep that its hit demolishes everything in a jiffy, and the lash marks remains for a really…. really long time. Would you, even then, say the same that “whatever happened, happened for good”?? Or “all is well, as it ended well”? losing the bond of friendship…. I doubt. And that’s how life is; it gives you moments to cherish, but along comes the free coupons of blemishing events.


This is a vice-versa situation, to be clearer. There are times when one feels that it’s a dead end in some or the other aspect of life. Consider, not getting a perfect job to get your career settle on a straight line, many face that. And while one is on the merge of losing all hopes, along comes “the golden” opportunity, that makes turn of events perpetual. Considering the amount of hardship, stress and oblivescence towards good times one has been through, would it still be valid to say that, “whatever happens, happens for good”?? may be…may be not!!

Life gives us the taste of good and bad both, time to time. Every coin has a flip side attached to it, and one must always be ready to face it, as the con will be tossed. Be it living with friends under the same roof or struggling to get a sorted career, one must be ready to face the risk and consequences attached.


It was taught in mathematics that when one positive and one negative are attached, it results in a negative. But life isn’t just mathematics, its physics too which taught us that for generating power the circuit must be closed with one positive end and one negative end, as that’s how energy is transformed (sorry… non-engineers!!).The bottom line is that, life will throw positive light as well as negative rays, as that what makes a lifecycle. Hence, the best way to live up to all this is to keep moving along, live the positive and learn from the negatives. If the bad is happening, don’t stop… as good is round the corner. If good times are on…. live it as much as possible…. never know when bad shows up…. to vanish again, of course!!



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