Keep Rolling The Dice!!!

I am not gonna give up

Shut up, or let up,

Until I am taken up…

As a matter of fact,


I am just getting warmed up!!

                                —   Zig Ziglar


What if I have to ask you to name one dice game from your childhood you played a lot and were always up for it, which one would you name?? The options are a handful…. but if I were to believe my guts, the first name which must have flashed in the minds of majority of you must be Snakes & Ladders!!!! (well, even if my guess is wrong, I have put across my point).

It is quite hard to believe that someone might not have played this game, NOT EVEN ONCE, in their childhood….. really next to impossible!!! The one’s who have been the part of this fascinating and exciting board and dice game, would still remember the chills one use to get to cross every single snake and avoid getting bitten, ‘cause once that happens one falls back by a considerable amount. (It was frustrating and disappointing even if the fall back was of 3-4 points.)

The scariest and most frustrating moment was to cross the snake sitting on number 99. It was the grand-daddy of all in the entire game, if bitten by it; you go all the way to the starting point. Imagine….. just a step away to reach your destination, one wrong move of fortune and you get to start all over again…. FRUSTRATING…. DISAPPOINTING!!!


When I see my life today, it resembles a hefty lot to this amazing childhood game. The only difference is, there I had multiple opponents with whom I used to compete with, but in real life the game goes solo. I am my own competitor; I play against myself every day, every week; rolling the dice to improve the level I achieved in previous attempt; trying to escape the snake I got bitten from in the previous run and reach my destination.

Yes, it does get frustrating…. when I get bitten by snakes in consecutive runs and fall back few steps……. when I am just a step away from success and one wrong move of fortune happens and I fall back from 99 to start all over again from 1…… but did we ever gave up when we were kids?? Exactly, we did not. That actually was the fun element of the game. To keep making efforts and keeping faith in your fortune to get up every time you fall and move forward again. If there were snakes to throw you down, there were ladders to move you up rapidly too. This game, today if I analyse the analogy, has actually taught us at that very tender age about the real-time brutality we would be facing and made us ready to handle it….. ENJOY it!!!
Life may not be a ‘game’, but what if it were?? What if you live it like one?? Wouldn’t it be fun to clear the levels? We would be more excited to play again, that too with more finesse and focus, rather than being dead disappointed in life. I am sure about the fact that, just like me, there are many who are playing this extravagant game of life everyday, just that the board is different, the dice are different…… but the rules are the same. So keep playing, ‘cause whether or not you reach your destination, the game is going to end some day and there will be nothing more left to do, but you will have the satisfaction that you didn’t gave up, kept the excitement going. We need to remember and keep telling our self that if there are snakes then there are ladders too, escape the snakes and grab the ladders as the opportunity comes. I know and understand for the fact that things are much easier said than done, but then, playing an easy game isn’t that fun!!!!



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