The way of living…. The thought of dying.

You only live once? False… You only die once. – Anonymous


What is the difference between passion and love? Or is there any? A sudden profound discussion stroke between the three of us. Talking on sensible/serious topics is a pretty rare affair among me and my two doppelganger, and rightly so….. I mean it’s not as easy to just break away from all important sessions of cracking PJs and insulting each other, and just start talking some serious, life-oriented crap. However, this was one of those ghastly, rare moments of being sensible.

One started with it asking, what will make you distract from the idea of dying? Pretty vague and surprised reaction on the face of both of us. He continued, trying to be clearer….. no matter what one do in his/her life on the journey to achieve their dream or pursue their passion, the fear of dying is always their in their mind, the fear of falling into oblivion once they are gone from this world. In fact, the main reason one wants to become something is, to stay alive even after dying, as a renowned personality of their field and be remembered….. avoiding oblivion!!! But amidst the journey to ‘success’, the fear of death is always there, they know that they are going to die some day later or sooner and thus needs to achieve their dreams as soon as possible. Rather, one should try to focus and do what they love. This would deviate their mind from the thoughts of death and the idea of being dying unknown, simultaneously helping them to actually reach success in the process. In a nutshell, one should do what they love rather than saying that this something is their passion and want to do that.

After giving a skeptical look at each other for a minute, the thought stroke me then…. and I asked….. is there a difference between love and passion? Going by the definition, every single person will have their own version for either of them. But in generic terms, what actually separates the two terminologies? Consider a dancer saying, “I love dancing…. it’s my passion… it gives me satisfaction, happiness.” Exactly!! the bottom line reason for someone to chase their passion is that, they love doing it, which gives them that sense of satisfaction, a feeling of contentment and happiness. Let’s take a couple in relationship….. they say they love each other, and that does because, being with each other makes them feel happy and satisfied. When they make love to each other, the thrust of passion is inevitable. Different set of people, different set of definition for love and passion, but the underlining fact remains the same, passion is love for some thing and vice-versa.

Secondly, being remembered for what one were in their field of profession and the height of their achievements in that field, is not a demeaning ask, rather is a kind of motivation. Their can be numerous ways one can get motivated, as the force of motivation can come from anywhere. For some, may be earning hefty money and being cash rich for the eternity of their life is a motivation, for other it could be contributing for the society that can be a mode of motivation to do what they love. However, the reality is that, no matter how famous or glittering personality one becomes in their lives, it’s never going to happen that each and every soul in the entire world would know who they were or why they are being remembered till date, by a certain set of community. Let’s take an example here of a global personality, the father of the nation of 1.2 billion population (India)…. yes, I am talking about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhi ji, as he is fondly known as, is not only stated as the Father of India because of his contributions to set India as a free nation, but his ideologies and mantras are also been followed around the world by many communities. It was his love for his nation and passion to set it independent that gave him the motivation to take up the onus of initiating various movements for the betterment of the society.

Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, significant personalities from sports and entertainment of different countries (who are no more alive), all of these have achieved a name in the society for themselves in the process of doing what they love and the passion for it, and not that every one knows them, but they have not gone into oblivion. The bottom line is that, death is an inevitable aspect and is a reality one has to face someday, but whether you want to pass every day fearing that “the day” is closing in and you need to achieve something in life so that you can be remembered after you are gone or live every moment of a day enjoying doing what you love and keep making efforts to pursue your passion, depends on you and ONLY YOU!!!

Finally, being true to our standards, the three of us settled at the conclusion that we are not smart enough to speak on such topics and it kind of does not suit our forte. That followed with exchange of some supportive abuses and restart of the good old PJ cracking session. But I am certain about the fact that, I am in the cluster of some brilliant minds in this blog world and thus, would like to know your point of view and the idea you carry regarding this topic. Do comment and let know.


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