Writing it Right!!

Writing is an exploration.

You start from nothing and learn as you go. 

– E.L. Doctorow

It’s been a while now that I have started writing blogs, or for that matter, started writing. When I decided to begin with this journey of grammatical errors (for me), less did I know that it would not be an easy road to travel. Frankly, choosing this platform to write (WordPress) was a result of random Google search, unlike many other already present in this forum who may have been aware of it as one of the finest platforms, at least for novices like me. Amidst a lot, there were mainly two obstacles lay ahead of me….. the idea on which I need to write and my utterly scattered and dismantled grammar, and though I have scribed around 12-14 blogs till now, yet, and unfortunately, both these problems still persists…. to some extent, if not large like at the inception. I would not say that I have achieved perfection, but things have improved over the period for sure. Whenever I finish writing a new blog, I make sure I share it with my friends for feedbacks (few are editors/professional writers who take a critical stand on it), thus get an understanding of lacking points which are mainly the grammatical goof-ups. Creating content for any of my blog has never been a problem for me, the problem has been about thinking of the idea/topic I need to write on. I follow a lot of other bloggers on this forum and other platforms too, not only to get an idea of what others write on, but also the kind of content that has been jolted down, ‘cause they are all professional bloggers, come up with blogs every day, may be twice a day as well. On the contrary, I take an average of a week to 10 days to come up with a blog. The main reason behind which is that, to write some solid or rather fresh content (apart from the ‘being lazy’ aspect) I need to have a fresh and solid idea to write on. Of course, I am not a professional writer (have never been one), and that is one of the reason it takes me a bit extra time to think about a topic to write on. That is also one of the reasons why I do not write on a particular category or genre. In any blogging forum, one could find bloggers and writers of different genres, writing on a particular category. It could be travel, fiction, romance, food, technology, cars…… it’s endless. It’s not that I cannot follow a particular category, but as everybody has their own style of writing…….. this is mine. If I am writing on a travel experience I had in recent past, my next blog might be on how two people with same set of qualities can have contrasting fates or why mediocrity is a negative term, sounds unorganised…. well, I agree. But what I understood in the process is that, it may seem (to some) that writing isn’t an activity that requires hard work and brain storming, but in reality, it is one of the trickiest things to accomplish with perfection. Few have a perception that inclusion of some twisted, heavy-looking, polished vocabulary makes a blog stand out and piece of appreciation. But those who are actually into it would know and agree to me on this that the main aspect of writing is, whether or not one uses fancy words in their write-up, the message must get to its audience. There are many bloggers/writers that come up with a write-up every single day with a fresh and amazing content; it takes a lot to do this. Ideating on what to write on and then putting it in words that go across to the audience who can understand the gist, in the most simplest of the ways, is not an easy ask. My endeavour, at completion of each piece, is to achieve that rhythm, where I can come up with a fresh idea and attention catching content (without grammatical massacre) …… every day, but as of now it’s still in process.


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