Face It

The world is a great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves STRONG.

–Swami Vivekananda


“It’s going to be ok. You don’t worry; it’s just a bad phase. You’ll come over it.” This comes across as a generic supportive statement by our close-knit people; friends, family, partners. It’s easy said than done to actually hold on to your grit in hard times of life. People around you ARE going to say it, because that’s what they are supposed to say. Yes, you are the one who is going through that phase, you are the one who have to handle all mental fatalities, you are the one who actually understands the pain of living that time. But, as a wise person, it becomes your responsibility to understand their emotions and intention for mental support towards you.

Good times and bad times are like bumpers on the road, you are going to face them time to time on your journey, and that is going to bring a pause into your life for a while before you start pacing up again. For every individual, the bumper they come across is the most denting to them. Every person consider their hard times as the harshest one could go through, but it is to be understood that what you face might be the harshest for you and the one for someone else is toughest for them; so never compare.

The undermining fact in this entire game is that, of course the bad times are not going to stay put for ever (and neither do good times), but the time lived during it simply roughs you up. Worrying about things during this phase comes naturally; a common human tendency. You do get tensed, no matter how strong you may be or how much you try to keep yourself align with the situation, the reality remains that there will be moments in the entire day when you will get worried, you will get depressed, you will feel helpless. The situation seems a little funny at times, where you know that while the other person is trying to give you a moral support by asking you not to worry and that everything will be fine, you just don’t want to take it at that moment; because it’s you who is going through the fire and have to keep going until you get through it. The suffering was there, the pain was felt, and the time was lost.

There are bludgeoning notes, articles, phrases and what not content that is suffice to make people understand the importance of staying positive in tough times (I’ve used one at the top of this blog); and rightly so. A sane and mature mind would know that it has to remain composed and positive to fight out the tough times, but at times it just look up to some one else to hear it from them. It is not like one doesn’t understand this reality of life, but when they are going through it; their mind seldom needs the refurbishing from a different source. I should understand when someone akin advises me to remain positive and not lose hope in my tough times, because I would do the same to a friend or close kin.

The main objective, thus, is to keep telling your mind to accept the truth. The reality remains that no matter what, one needs to pass through these dungeons (for few it’s a bit longer span) while battling out the conundrums of worrying and not to. Do not make judgements on people trying to console, ‘cause the intentions are right (you would do the same). Never say “you won’t understand”……. trust me, they do!! The only thing is try not to get washed away with the rage of pressure; handle it, acknowledge the support and keep moving forward shredding off the pain on the way. It’s ok not to be ok, but it’s not ok to stay that way.


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